Try some of these activities to practice your keyboarding skills.
Also try some of the tests at the bottom of the page.

Kindergarten and First Grade games

1 Keyboard Zoo

Keyboard Zoo2

2 Turtle Diary

3 Cupstacking

4 Keyboard Climber

5 Keyboard Climber 2

Jump Key


6 Popcorn Typing

7 Sky Chase**

8 Free Typing Games

9 Typing for Kids

10 Typing Web

11 Learning Games for Kids

12 Tenkely Typing

13 Dance Mat Typing

14 Wacona Elementary School keyboarding Games

Typing Tutorials
1 Typing Tutor
2 Big Brown Bear

Typing Tests
Typing Speed Test
Typing Challenge 1
Typing Challenge 2
How to Type
Alfa Typing Test
Speed Typing Online Can choose the type of text